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Meet the Organizers

Hayden Blackburn haydenbburn

Community development is the name of the game with Hayden. As Director of IDEA Works FW he is front and center with entrepreneurs and the activities surrounding the Fort Worth entrepreneurial ecosystem. Runner, idea generator, and passionate doer.

Jason Smith @jasonthethird

Jason started his first business at the age of 8, selling greeting cards door-to-door. The satisfaction of that experience ignited his entrepreneurial spirit. His latest success is Arcos, a digital marketing agency, which won Fort Worth Small Business of the Year in 2009. Jason sold Arcos in 2010 and became a financial advisor with Edward Jones.

Robert Pollock @RobertPollock

Robert is an executive consultant helping organizational leaders maximize their impact by managing and hiring the right people and putting them in the right positions. Robert’s message and consulting drives accountability and ROI from the boardroom to the boots on the ground, leveraging an online system that makes people decisions more objective.
Culture Index Fort Worth-Dallas

Zach Freeman @Zach_Freeman

Zach is from a suburb of San Diego, CA called Encinitas. He moved to Texas in the Fall of 2009 to attend Texas Christian University where he graduated last fall with a BBA in both Entrepreneurial Management and Supply Chain Management. After graduating, Zach started a values-based moving company based in Fort Worth that exclusively hires veterans called Veterans Moving America that currently serves the entire state of Texas.
Veterans Moving America

Past Organizers
Cameron Cushman @CameronCushman
Daniel Verboski @BoskiDan
Jenifer Anhalt @jenifera42885
Timothy Hardman @TimothyH
Toni Allison @kfsorg

Proudly Sponsored By

AVOCA Coffee is Fort Worth’s independent one stop shop for a bag or cup of locally roasted beans. AVOCA is about a seed to cup philosophy. AVOCA Coffee is dedicated to bringing quality and knowledge to an everyday ritual.

IDEA Works FW™ is a creative, dynamic program that provides emerging businesses with nurturing relationships, state of the art tools, an attractive and secure work environment, best practices and access to global resources to sustain and scale their enterprises. Businesses owners in the program benefit from being in a collaborative environment and

Past Presenters



MassCatalyst is a local technology start-up that seeks to solve the age-old problem of businesses struggling to raise money. We are an auction-based investment crowdfunding platform designed to connect entrepreneurs seeking capital with investors. Our proprietary online investment platform serves as a marketplace for investing in private companies, and we streamline the creation of offering documents as well as the due diligence and valuation processes.

Oduga is a product design and retail firm of a new line of modular baby toys that grow with kids from 0 to 3 years of age, addressing specific needs of a baby at each stage. This reduces the cost of buying different toys for each stage of the baby’s growth, and at the same time reduces waste!

Urico is a system for directing urine into a commode from a standing man or a woman. People urinate standing for convenience and to avoid mess and germs on the commode seat. Urinating into a commode from standing position almost always spills urine outside the commode. Urico, with flushable funnels, prevents the spills and keeps toilets cleaner and hygienic. For more details please visit www.uricoclean.com Also, visit: file:///C:/Users/Mahendra/Pictures/USA%20National%20Innovation%20Marketplace.htm



Fotos4Hope is an organization that enables photographers to give of their time, talents & resources to help people that are less fortunate throughout the world



uChilla.com is an online college marketplace whereby students and teachers are able to buy and sell with each other at their University or nearby Universities. Think essentially of a "Craiglist" for college students, however, uChilla narrows the audience and provides a safe way to buy and sell by requiring every user to have an ".edu" email address.



Online, 4-week subscription custom vitamin packs



Climb is designed to bring our customers a value-added travel experience offering a platform that connects young working professionals with the world outside their own environment. Climb's goal will be to become the leading provider in business travel networking by building relationships throughout the traveler's journey.

A&TS is a vehicle safety innovation company. Our company's motto drives; innovation that protects innovation that increases fuel efficiency innovation that reduces maintenance costs innovation that maintains the value of a vehicle

Hub and Spoke Collaborative


Hub & Spoke Collaborative is an organization dedicated to mobilizing and supporting the burgeoning social enterprise and sustainable business sector in North Texas. Hub & Spoke will create a platform for social innovators and provide education, networking, consulting, mentorship and access to capital all targeted towards the specific challenges faced by social entrepreneurs and innovators. We hope to expand our services to an incubator program, a news aggregate website and access to capital.



Putting church needs with their volunteers

Sentik's goal is to help people deal with their daily stress using aromatherapy in a personal, portable, and natural way.

Socialite Pink


Socialite Pink is a social selling jewelry company that creates streams of revenues for charities. For a low cost, anyone can sign up to be one of our Stylists and receive a pop-up jewelry business in a box. Stylists sell our original jewelry collections at Trunk Shows hosted by individuals or organizations. The host chooses a charity to support with a portion of the sales! So, the Stylist makes the sale and earns commissions, the Host makes the choice and Socialite Pink makes the give!

The Giving Blueprint


The Giving Blueprint, an award winning social enterprise, creates a more sustainable nonprofit community by encouraging public figures to partner with existing nonprofits in lieu of starting their own, developing growth strategies for nonprofits and training the next generation of nonprofit executives.

Connecting for Conquerors


The mission of Connecting for Conquerors is to support Cancer Care Services through increased community awareness and fundraising, while connecting Fort Worth area businesses through professional networking. Connecting for Conquerors was started by a group of friends and business professionals based in Fort Worth. Together they united to do something more for Cancer Care Services (CCS). CCS is a local non-profit that provides help and hope to cancer patients and survivors and their families and caregivers through direct financial, emotional, spiritual and social programs, services and activities.

Fort Worth Bike Sharing


Bike sharing operation serving Fort Worth.



We are the "Pre-Kickstarter". Have an idea? Need to find your startup team? We help you take your idea and form a GP, LP, or LLC. Put your garage on our map.

We created and designed BookSelf. BookSelf is simple personalized app for creating, implementing and managing goals you create from the books you read.

Poll It LLC


Gopollit.com is a free social media platform that allows people to review all things both offline and offline. We allow people to find, rate, and create reviews from anywhere. Poll It is also a place where businesses can gain feedback from their consumers by advertising their personal Poll It Account.

Wyzerr transforms long, boring, time-consuming customer feedback surveys into fun, fast, and easy questionnaires that look and feel like games.



NotebookU is site exclusive to college students, that allows them to "Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate" with their classmates.

Grabbitt an Ownitt Technology


Grabbitt is a product of Ownitt Technologies. Grabbitt puts merchandise and information in your pocket. Use your phone to Grabbitt. Don’t worry about creased posters, or lugging around t-shirts and pamphlets. You can download and read pamphlets and handouts when you’re ready. You can then choose to have the physical items shipped directly to your house or pick them up at will call after the event. Have your own mobile app or e-commerce site? Use our APIs to integrate your existing applications.

Savvy Boheme


Savvy Boheme creates and retails body care products that have been hand-crafted with authentic ingredients, without the use of synthetic preservatives, fillers, fragrances, parabens, or ANYTHING that is unnatural. Every ingredient has been carefully selected to add the most value to the skin's exfoliation, hydration, and absorption, and organic and Fair-Trade ingredients have been used whenever possible to present to you a body care product line that is uniquely effective and socially thoughtful.

Comadre Corp


Comadre.com is social shopping site for Latinas Comadre is the ultimate social shopping destination for the US Hispanic women. Offering a place where likeminded Latinas can connect on its social platform and shop our culturally relevant product offerings on its ecommerce platform.

The Lighthouse for the Blind of Ft. Worth


We provide jobs for over 60 individuals who are legally blind. Our products are sold to Federal, State and local governments as well as commercial companies all across the US. We have over 300 products in 12 catagories.

Modern Lantern


Modern Lantern is the online retail source for a unique lighting product that was conceptualized, designed, and has a patent pending by its owners, Stephen and Carrie Fitzwater. The eCommerce retailer, ModernLantern.com, designs, sources, imports, and sells cordless decorative lamps to the public as well as business to business.

TabRassa LLC


TabRassa helps companies tell their story in the most compelling way on iOS and Android tablets. We equip sales teams with interactive content to help demonstrate how their solution meets a client's need. A TabRassa sales apps integrates expert copywriting, video production and graphic design to draw people to a company's solution.

Anderson Trail, Inc.


WOATS Oatsnack is an indulgent snack made with an irresistible blend of gently baked whole grain oats, honey and other yummy ingredients. Perfect anytime, anywhere, right out of the bag. WOATS launched in March 2013 and is available in over 1,000 retail locations nationally including HEB Central Market, Target, The Fresh Market, Kroger, and Bristol Farms.



Hopestr believes that isolation, stigma and fragmentation are the core hurdles to helping those with mental illness. By providing an anonymous social network for those suffering and an interface for anyone searching for high quality information on mental illness we can overcome these hurdles. What Google was to the Internet, Hopestr will be to mental health.



IDEA Works FW™ is a creative, dynamic program that provides emerging businesses with nurturing relationships, state of the art tools, an attractive and secure work environment, best practices and access to global resources to sustain and scale their enterprises. Businesses owners in the program benefit from being in a collaborative environment and a creative, dynamic space that provides the owner with a just-in-time approach to delivering specialty services to their business.

The Chef Shelf


The Chef Shelf aids chefs and restaurants with entering the prepared food market. By eliminating barriers to entry while providing management, marketing, and fulfillment we provide a gateway for independent restaurateurs to expand their brands. We aim to foster exploration and delight in the home kitchen by connecting customers to their culinary heroes, local and national food news, and great products from the chef’s kitchen and into theirs.

Speaker Series - Trinity River Vision Authority


Spokesman Matt Oliver from the Trinity River Vision Authority will educate us on the Trinity River Vision plan, the master plan for 88 miles of the Trinity River and its major tributaries in Fort Worth. Hear the latest on Panther Island/Central City, Gateway Park, and scores of other projects underway in Fort Worth.

Speaker Series - Robert McCarthy, Sr, of Cheyenne Construction


Serial Entrepreneur Robert "Bob" McCarthy currently owns 3 companies- Cheyenne Construction, investment research firm Marketocracy, and Gotcha Covered, a uniform store. In addition, Bob is a member of EO, active in giving back to the community, a husband, and a father of 7.

Ultra Analytical Group


Ultra Analytical Group LLC. is a Mansfield, Texas based research and development group focused on designing and implementing the latest in cutting edge electronic sensors and analytical technology for Oil and Natural Gas industries.

Speaker Series - Funding your startup


JAN NORTON is an active angel investor specializing in life sciences. She provides financial leadership and mentoring to successful entrepreneurs. Prior to her retirement, Jan was Vice President, Finance at Galderma, a Swiss pharmaceutical company. Jan guided executive leadership in understanding the implications of finance and the operating infrastructure for moving their vision forward. Previously, Jan held executive financial roles in France, Switzerland, Panama, Canada, and the U.S. Jan received a BBA from Texas Christian University and holds a CPA and CGMA. She is a Board Director for a medical device company. She serves on the TCU - Neeley Entrepreneurship Center Advisory Board and the Cowtown Angels Steering Committee. Jan is also a member of Financial Executives Institute, the AICPA, the Angel Capital Association and the International Coach Federation.

PassbeeMedia, Inc.


Brands, retailers & merchants (large & small, global & local) use our mobile & digital marketing platform to drive more in-store and online sales. PassbeeMedia's Studio & iBeacon platform improves TV/Radio/Print/Digital advertising spend by allowing consumers to save & redeem mobile offers, deals & coupons.

Remember Heroes


Dedicated to honoring veterans buried at national cemeteries all around the country. We give friends and families the opportunity to send fresh or artificial flowers to grave sites around the country and create an online memorial page with pictures and information about the veteran.

Yooz, Inc.


Yooz is a cloud based accounts payable automation product that drives workflow efficiency and increases visibility into the AP process. We handle everything from receiving an invoice all the way through to the payment the the invoice. This allows companies to focus their efforts more on accounts receivable and research/development.



Hedgechatter correlates Social Media Financial Chatter to Stock Price. They provide a platform which monitors keywords, trends, conversations and social media stock sentiment across a range of social media sites to determine the price direction of a stock. Traders can watch activity for selected stocks and analyze trending social influence resulting in better trading decisions. Learn more about HedgeChatter.com



Fulltential helps removes one thing from organizations that is costing America $2 trillion a year in medical costs and lost productivity. Fulltential removes the one thing from organization that will positively impact every aspect of it. Fulltential will improve employee engagement, boost productivity, strengthen cultures, and increase profits by helping remove one thing. Fulltential helps businesses expand by expanding comfort zones. Fulltential helps remove one thing. Fulltential helps remove fear.

True Mileage, Inc.


True Mileage, founded in 2012 and based in Dallas, is focused on helping drivers save on insurance and other vehicle costs, improving their safety, and respecting their privacy. The company produces devices that connect to a vehicle’s data outlet just below the steering wheel and generate a summary of mileage, error codes, and various other driving information. Drivers may simultaneously view and transmit their driving and vehicle data by simply tapping their True Mileage device with a modern smart phone.

CATIA Services


CATIA Services brings the Engineering, R&D and New Product Integration Industries the solutions they need, by matching them with the experts that they require. We also assist in the critical stages of any project by doing Concept design, processing, Feasibility and design work. Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Electrical and Mechanical are all areas of expertise.

Bananalytics, LLC


Bananalytics is a consulting firm dedicated to making data useful, enjoyable and easy. We unlock the power of Excel and help motivated business leaders make better decisions by leveraging internal data and creating actionable insight through easy to use reporting tools and dashboards. At Bananalytics, we want our client's to spend less time crunching numbers and more time drawing conclusions...without paying a fortune for software programmers, dashboard tools or additional headcount.

LiveWire, Inc.


LiveWire saves people time and money with a new way to file their taxes. We give customers a FREE online consult with a live tax expert, on their computer, through video conferencing. Now doing your taxes is as simple as 1-2-3: talk to a live tax expert instantly, upload your documents, and relax while our tax experts do all the work.



I am an artist, and I sell my art many places. I have been doing so for about a year. I am now moving into managing other artists. My art includes paintings on canvas, paper, body paint, murals, and anything else someone might commission. I also am opening my own gallery on Magnolia July 1st.

HerdWise Leadership Coaching


Leadership Coach & Speaker for entrepreneurs & small business owners. Personal Development & Spiritual Growth. Business with clarity, confidence, courage. We serve entrepreneurs and leaders by partnering with horses for increased confidence, excellence in personal leadership. Kathy hosts workshops and retreats and speaks on Boundaries, BEING vs. Doing, women's leadership issues.

Veterans Moving America


Veterans Moving America is a values-based moving company that exclusively hires American veterans in an effort to provide support and opportunity through employment.

Southside Salsa Co.


Southside Salsa Co., a Fort Worth company, was founded in 2012 based on a long-cherished family recipe. For many years founder, Jason Harskjold and his family, enjoyed his mother Nita’s fresh-made, all natural salsa, never knowing that one day the people of their hometown of Fort Worth would make a demand for it. As Fort Worth’s Southside sub-culture grew, so did the demand for healthy, hand-crafted food options with fresh ingredients. This is when Jason knew Southside Salsa’s time had come.



Knoda organizes the world's predictions to create a fun game for predictors and valuable information for content producers.

RootMama Maternal Care


RootMama Maternal Care is a comprehensive doula practice that provides healthy pregnancy coaching, childbirth education, labor/delivery companionship, breastfeeding support, postpartum care, new parenting education and womb health consultations. Our doulas are bilingual and we serve expectant mothers and their families that speak English and Spanish. We serve the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.



ScribeSense makes testing less stressful for both teachers and students. Our secure online service automates grading process and provides insights on class performance.

ZinkUz is a patented social technology that randomly connects people together within organizations to start new friendships. It's built for any organization that has over 250 people in one location; like, churches, businesses, trade shows and schools. We are giving ZinkUz away to religious organizations and high schools for free. We charge businesses $1 per month per employee to use ZinkUz. The software is fully developed and we went through our beta customer phase a few months ago.

Abide Online Marketing, LLC


Helping small business owners with Mobile Marketing. We develop iPhone apps, Android apps, iPad apps and HTML5 Mobile web apps. Our mobile apps are functional and free to their prospects and customers. They reward users, they look good and are simple and quick to use.

APEX Leadership Coaching


APEX Leadership Coaching is a peak performance firm focused on high potential leaders and business owners moving into their excellence. We help organizations improve performance through purposeful, intentional leadership development. We believe in and foster a powerful link between leader development, long-term profitability, and business growth.

The Veterans Enterprises, Inc


The Veterans Enterprises, Inc is a start-up Non profit business that empowers, support and celebrate Military Veterans. We conduct Personal empowerment seminars, entreprenership workshops, Leadership Camp for Teens of Mil Vets, design and sale "Once a Vet, Always a Vet Apparel Clothing and product line, conduct entertainment/shows honoring and benefitting Mil Vets and families.

Richards Barrentine Values & Ventures Competition


What if you had an idea for a profitable business that also made the world a little better? If you are a bright young business student, you’d bring it to TCU. That’s the inspiration behind TCU’s Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures® Business Plan Competition, presented by the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center: to gather the best young minds in business and let them compete for the best plan that incorporates values, ethics and/or service into a for-profit business. This year, students from 24 U.S. universities and five other countries are coming to TCU April 11-12, to compete for more than $70,000 in total cash prizes. More than 50 business leaders will serve as judges and mentors.

Software company offering a web-based SaaS HR Labor Optimization program

Dooty Free Lawns


Professional Pooper Scooper! We clean up after your dogs so you don't have too!

SafeTacMag, LLC Safe Tactical Magazine


SafeTacMag, LLC. has developed a M16/M4 training magazine designed specifically to prevent accidental discharges of live ammunition during military and police training exercises, thus protecting lives, preventing injuries and saving the government hundreds of millions of dollars. Unlike conventional magazines currently in use, which accept live and blank ammunition interchangeably, SafeTacMag’s magazine restricts the insertion of live ammo, thereby preventing negligent discharges of live ammo.

Knowledge For Success, Inc


We are a business development center whose focus is on start-ups and/or young businesses.

RentEval helps you complete walk-through inspections on rental properties in a fraction of the time and keep your files organized! RentEval let's you create inspection evaluations for multiple properties or units (e.g., apartments and rental homes), attach photos, and send a PDF of the completed evaluation via email. RentEval is rolling out version 2 web based portal + app in March.



Cariloop’s digital platform is used by seniors and families to help make better decisions about the geriatric care providers they work with. Think of us as Expedia or Yelp for the senior care space. By supplying a portal where these providers can easily share information about their availability, pricing, services, and more, Cariloop users can quickly browse through dynamic search results to read patient ratings, discover which providers meet their needs, and connect with them immediately.

Sock 101


Sock 101 exists to enhance the style, appeal, and success of young professionals through colorful, yet professional and stylish socks. Socks you say? Yes, socks. Our question...Why not socks? Socks are no longer your grandfather’s boring Gold Toe’s. The idea that your socks should match your pants is long gone! Socks are now a fun accessory that you can use to spruce up your wardrobe and appearance while remaining professional. Socks, like ties, can add color and style to any outfit.



4DSales is a tablet based (iPad and Windows 8) application developed for sales professionals by sales professionals with the expressed purpose of creating energy, conversation and professionalism in a sales call.



CareStarter is a patient-first technology that redefines continuity of care and the patient experience by empowering patients with information, inspiration & an immediate set of choices from local providers. A crucial part of our mission and business model is to partner with major health systems, doctors, & ancillary providers to bring the novel 360 degree care model to patients.

Method Seven Enterprises


Method Seven Enterprises LLC, is a multidimensional company seeking to occupy a special place within the retail and fashion industry by providing services to retailing clients who seek to gain an improved understanding of their customer base and retail environment in order to enhance each shopping experience. Method Seven Enterprises is also the publisher of Method Seven Magazine: a biannual digital fashion publication whose mission is to deliver the “story of fashion” through a fusion of visual sensory experiences and unique story-telling with a commitment to positivity and relatability. This publication further serves as a platform for emerging talent within the fashion industry who wishes to channel the power of fashion to make a positive social impact within the community.



TangoTab is a mobile app working to end hunger in the local community. The app provides consumers with free restaurant offers. Each time a consumer uses an offer, TangoTab donates a meal to a person in need. To date, TangoTab has donated over 235,000 meals across the nation.



2G For the Crowdfunding Industry



Kinesio radically shifts physical therapy monitoring & measurements into the 21st century, dramatically impacting the lives of patients.

coLAB workspace


We believe the best things happen when people are running into one another and sharing ideas. At coLAB we've created workspace as you need it designed to break down berries and enable collaboration amongst entrepreneurs. Located in the Linwood/W 7th neighborhood, we offer private suites, a cowork lounge, meeting space and other essentials that allow your business the presence it needs without the heavy overhead that it usually comes with.

DropShades Eyewear LLC


DropShades are the world’s best audio responsive party glasses that “dance” to the beat of the music. Using a tiny microphone connected to a signal processor, incoming sound is translated across six horizontal bars that cascade an array of lights up and down according to the beat of the music. The effect is an audio responsive light show for everyone to enjoy.

Pearl Snap Kolaches


Czech Inspired and Texas Bread Kolaches baked using a home made dough recipe and paired with hand selected ingredients for a consistent bite experience. Delivery and Take Out only!

Trademark Mortgage


A family-owned mortgage banking operation. Originating loans across Texas for our clients. We provide Conventional, VA, FHA, USDA and Jumbo products.

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